Frankfurter Brett Chopping Board Uses Pull-Out Brackets To Hold Multiple Containers


We’ve seen chopping boards with integrated pull-out trays for organizing the items you slice and dice into their own sections. The Frankfurter Brett takes that idea and goes wild with it, equipping a chopping board with as many trays as it can handle, so you can organize all the meats and produce you slice even when preparing a large meal.

Instead of pull-out containers like we’ve seen in the past, the chopping board uses extensible brackets that pull out of its sides, each of which can hold multiple containers of different sizes.   That way, you can simply move food from the board to the containers and keep them nearby, saving you from both a board full of food and a countertop littered with multiple bowls and dishes.


The Frankfurter Brett’s extensible brackets are based on the Gastronorm international standard, so it can fit trays and containers that conform to sizes widely used in the catering industry.   Those brackets are available from three sides, too, so you can fit a good load of containers around the board during food prep, with separators that you can equip if you plan to use smaller containers.


It comes in three sizes: mini, mono, and phoenix. Dimensions are 360 x 200 x 40 mm, 500 x 360 x 40 mm, and 600 x 450 x 80 mm for the mini, mono, and phoenix, respectively, each of them armed with three extensible brackets. The boards are made from bamboo for both the mini and mono, with the phoenix available in six different types of material (five wood and one plastic).

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Frankfurter Brett. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at €179.