Fortaleza Folding Outdoor Bar Collapses Into A Flat Pile For Easy Storage And Transport


Having a mini-bar in the backyard is great, other than those times you need that space behind the house for other things. As it turns out, those times happen often, making that mini-bar you set up last year more problematic than it should have been. Maybe you’d do better replacing it with the Fortaleza Folding Outdoor Bar instead.

Unlike most mini-bar setups, this doesn’t take space permanently, allowing you to simply fold it into a flat pile that you can rest flat against the wall. That way, you can set up a mini-bar when you’re having a party that you can quickly get rid of afterwards, freeing up the space for anything else you need in the backyard.


The Fortaleza Folding Outdoor Bar has two side panels, two shelves, and a bar top that all fold in, allowing you to both store it easily and transport it conveniently, making for a highly-portable bar that you can set up in the bedroom, on the front porch, or on a tailgate party. Well, as portable as anything that weighs 50 pounds can be. It has a nylon mesh screen in front with a two-level shelf behind it, so people can see your stash of alcohol bottles, with a pair of matching tools to seat your guests. Dimensions are 40 x 48 x 17 inches (h x w x d), with enough room to hold drinks for a small party. Construction is eucalyptus wood.

Available now, the Fortaleza Folding Outdoor Bar is priced at $599.95.