Comoditi Is A Bed Headboard That You Can Customize


While they originally served to isolate sleepers from drafts in poorly-insulated homes, headboards primarily serve a decorative purpose nowadays. And it rarely gets more decorative than something you can change up at will, which is what Comoditi, a modular headboard system, brings to the bedroom.

Designed by Daniele de Santis for Formabilio, it consists of a main frame that mounts to the wall like any regular headboard, along with multiple components that you can add to the frame to change up both its form and function. Making modifications is easy, too, requiring you to just pull out a component and swap a new one in to give your headboard a fresh look.


Comoditi includes various sizes and colors of stiff pillows that you can line up on the frame to serve as a cushy headboard, making it ideal for resting your back on when you want to sit at the head of the bed and crack a book open. The pillows are upholstered with removable and machine-washable eco-friendly cotton fabric that attach to the frame using a set of Velcro bands. It also comes with a pair of shelf modules that can attach to either side, serving as a side table for placing an alarm clock or a small lamp.


Both the frame and the shelves are made from MDF, with a water-based lacquer finish. It comes in two widths: one for king-size beds and another for single-size bed frames.


Available directly from Formabilio, pricing for Comoditi starts at €345.