After Using The Disposable Foodscapes Tableware, Simply Dissolve It In Water


Disposable tableware tend to be made from either plastics or some other material that don’t immediately biodegrade when thrown away. That’s not the case, however, with Foodscapes, a set of tableware made from leftover food. Really.

Designed by Italian outfit WHO MADE IT and Michela Milani, it’s a set of small trays that you can use to serve nuts, candies, and other dry food items, complete with a matching cover, so you can keep dust and insects from getting on your grub. Do note, they’re strictly for dry food, since the darn things are meant to dissolve when they come in contact with water, making them limited in utility but utterly fascinating.


We’re not entirely sure about how they turned food scraps into Foodscapes objects, but, according to the creators, it’s totally free from additives, preservatives, dyes, thickeners, concealers, and artificial agents. As such, we have no idea how this thing was put together, so we’ll just assume it involves magic wands, wizard’s hats, and, maybe, some ancient food-based alchemy. Since it dissolves on water, you can simply discard the plate on your garden and water it, where it’s supposed to help fertilize the soil (basically, compost). Naturally, we entertain some amount of skepticism about the lack of health risks in using compost to eat out of, so we’d probably just use these to as a valet or desk organizer if we had a set at home.


For now, Foodscapes remain a concept the designers made for Autoproduzione. You can learn more from the link below.