This Flying Wave Armchair Uses Wavy Surfaces That Mimic Ripples In The Ocean


Ever wondered how it would feel if you were so weightless, you can sit on top of oceanic tides without sinking by even an inch? We’re hoping that’s how it will feel to sit on this Flying Wave Armchair, which comes with a seating surface that mimics the rhythmic waves of the ocean.

Designed by Alexandre Peutin for A Studio, the piece features a wavy surface that rise and dip at a variety of points, creating a firm surface that allow for multiple seating configurations.   You can sit up straight, kick back like in a recliner, or lounge around lazily in whatever position feels most comfortable.


The Flying Wave Armchair’s unique sloping shape comes courtesy of the intricate metalwork used to build the overall structure of the piece, with heavy fabrics laid out on top, offering a comfortable surface to rest on.  Rather than serve as additional seating furniture for living rooms and lounges like regular armchairs, it’s meant to serve as a substitute for a sofa, allowing multiple people to lay down on the surface at the exact same time. With its stylish yet unconventional design, the piece should fit in with a whole load of places, whether it be living rooms, office lounges, or any other shared space.


You can check out A Studio’s website to see more pictures of the Flying Wave Armchair.


å Studio Photographs courtesy of Pierres Gilles Lombard and MezzoGrafik