Perfectly Mounted Picture Frames? The Flixi Makes It Easier Than Ever


Picture frames are light enough that you can mount them using any of the zero-residue adhesive pads available in the market, making it unnecessary to drill holes and install hooks up the wall. The Flixi, though, does other frames one better by ensuring it sets up evenly, making it impossible to mount in a bad angle.

How? By using a built-in level that keeps the integrated adhesive backing away from the wall unless the angle is completely even. To do that, it uses a wall-anchoring system called WallSnap that sticks out its spring-equipped feet unless the level is straight. Once it’s set at the correct angle, the feet loosens, allowing you to easily push it in and press the adhesive backing flush.


Flixi is made from ABS plastic, with rounded corners and a selection of colors that make for playful decorations. Shatter-proof polycarbonate glass ensures the frame isn’t going to be damaged even with rowdy children around, with a strong adhesive that guarantees the frame won’t be displaced even when bumped or knocked. It also comes with a retractable stand that allows use as a tabletop frame for displaying on a desk.


The frame comes in a range of sizes that let you create a gallery-like display up any wall, whether in the living room, the hall, or the bedroom. They also come with accessories that allow you to build unique setups like back to back standing frames, as well as two frames in a hinged combination.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Flixi. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $16.