Fervent Carpet Can Plug Into Your Radiator To Kill Dust Mites All By Itself


Area rugs look beautiful and all, but if you have asthma, they might as well be the ugliest things to have around. Sure, your house will look way cozier and more personable with lovely fabrics on the floor, but if you’re dying half the time you’re indoors due to dust mites, it’s best to just keep your place looking cold and uninviting. It doesn’t have to be the case, though, with the Fervent Carpet.

Purpose-designed for those who have serious intolerance for dust mites, the carpet can be heated periodically to kill dust mites, rendering them a non-concern for asthma sufferers in the house. It’s pretty, too, with a style that resembles a tightly coiled length of rope and colors that start strong in the center, yet begin to fade towards the edges.


Designed by Studio Siem & Pabon, the Fervent Carpet actually hides pipes that contain water inside the fabric, which it uses to heat up the carpet when killing off dust mites. To use it, simply detach the connectors tucked on one side of the carpet, pull out the two rubber-coated lengths of rope they attach to, and hook them up your home’s radiator. The water needs to be heated at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius in order to get rid of every single dust mite living in its nooks and crannies.   They recommend doing the heating once every two months, although you can do it more often if you’re a little more sensitive to dust mites than the regular sufferer.


The Fervent Carpet is currently being shown at the Dutch Design Week in Einhoven.