Exocet May Just Be The Most Versatile Chair We’ve Ever Seen


When you first lay eyes on the Exocet, you won’t even think it’s a chair. Chances are, you’ll figure it to be some kind of wooden sculpture that’s been installed to add some unique aesthetic to the room. But, alas, a chair is exactly what it is and it’s such a versatile one at that.

Designed by Stéphane Leathead of Montral-based Designarium, it consists of two similar-looking wooden structures joined together in a hinge-like configuration at the base. That means, you can move the two structures apart, push them into each other, or set them up in a variety of configurations by simply adjusting their opening angles.


It’s that amount of possible configurations that make Exocet such a versatile piece of home furnishing. Push the two structures as far as they would go into each other, for instance, and the thing becomes a regular upright chair. Open them just a little bit and it becomes a comfy recliner, holding your back at a perfect napping angle. Spread it wide with the hinged base facing up and it transforms into a two person chaise that can sit you and a friend back to back. Do that same position with the cylindrical base at the bottom and you’ve got an, admittedly, uncomfortable-looking bench that happens to look impeccably awesome. Heck, you can even use it as a bed, if you want to.


Simply put, the Exocet is such a versatile design, it feels more like a toy you can play with than a piece of furniture. And that’s awesome. It will be on hand at IDS 2015 this week and is available in a limited edition directly from Designarium.