Insects Serve As Backdrop To Your Meals With The Entomo Black Dinnerware


Insects and dinnerware don’t exactly go hand in hand. Nobody wants to see a real bug crawling on her plate right before piling on a spoonful of slop from the serving bowl. At least, that’s the case for most people. If you think you might enjoy the sight of a hairy worm slithering across your plates and bowls, then the Entomo Black Dinnerware will probably find a place in your tableware storage chest.

Don’t worry, these aren’t real creepy crawlies. Instead, they’re just black-on-white illustrations, which are, admittedly, less creepy. But still very creepy. I mean, look at those darn plates and all those arthropods on there. Eek.


Designed by Monica Tsang, the Entomo Black Dinnerware could be a perfect gift for certain kinds of people in your life. You know, like entomologists, amateur insect collectors, and people with a penchant for the weird whose house you aren’t likely to be invited to dinner any time soon. Unless, of course, you don’t mind eating your steak on a plate full of ants, spiders, and a host of bugs that will probably give some people a horrible nightmare.


The collection includes different types of plates, cups, saucers, teapots, and bowls, all of them adorned in a variety of illustrated insects. Each piece is made from fine bone china using a traditional batch production method.

Pricing for the Entomo Black Dinnerware will vary depending on the piece, but it ranges between $26 and $173.