Eno Clothes Rack Uses Vintage Boxing Speed Balls For Hooks


At first glance, the Eno Clothes Rack looks like a bunch of antique boxing speed balls that you can use to train your Manny Pacquiao-style rapid fire punches if you were a boxer in the 1920s. Except, instead of belonging to a vintage gym, they’re actually meant to serve as coat racks, giving you a place to hang coats, scarves, and bags inside the house.

That’s right, it’s a coat rack made from speed balls suspended on a rope. While definitely strange, they’re also very decorative, making them ideal for bachelor pads, man caves, and similar places that you want to outfit with a masculine appeal.


While we doubt that the balls on the Eno Clothes Rack are up to proper training standards, they could still make for fun punching bags around the digs, so you can works your fast jabs, crosses, and straights whenever you feel the need to let off some steam. Instead of hanging them on hooks, you hang various garments by wrapping them around the bulbous bags themselves, creating a unique way to store common items. It comes with four balls, three measuring 5 inches in diameter and one measuring 3.75 inches, each one hung using varying lengths of rope.


Available now, the Eno Clothes Rack is priced at $235.