Use The Elementiles To Create Unusually-Shaped Wall Fixtures


Got a boring, empty patch of wall? Spiff it up with a shelf, mirror, or picture frame.   Find all of those equally as boring as an empty patch? How about doing the same with these Elementiles.

Designed by Ontwerpduo for Vij5, it’s a set of wall-mountable objects that come in shapes other than rectangle and square, allowing them to form irregular geometric forms when combined on your wall. You can use them to form abstract shapes for a modernist design, as well as combine into recognizable forms like animals, name initials, or a battleship straight out of your favorite naval warfare film.


The Elementiles come in four basic shapes: a small triangle, a diamond, a medium trapezoid, and a large trapezoid. Different objects come in those different shapes, including mirrors (small and large), chalkboards (medium), corkboards (medium and large), wireframes for hanging objects on the wall (diamond), oak cabinet (small and medium), and even magnetic tiles (diamond and large). With the variety of objects available, you can use these for nearly every part of the house. For instance, you can combine shelves, mirrors, and a corkboard for leaving messages in the living room. For the bathroom, you can equip shelves, mirrors, and a wireframe for hanging towels. In the kitchen, you can use cabinets for storing containers, magnetic boards for holding knives and cookware, and a chalkboard for writing down recipes. Suffice to say, there’s a wide range of options here that are both functional and decorative.


You can learn more about Elementiles directly from Vij5.