Dyson CSYS Lamps Have LEDs That Can Last For 37 Years


Replacing the bulb on a desk or floor lamp is easy enough that most folks don’t mind doing it every few years, whenever needed. But if you really dislike doing that, then it’s time to ditch everything else and pick up a unit from the Dyson CSYS, a line of task lamps with LEDs that will burn bright for up to 37 years. Really.

That’s right, the lamps use LEDs that can last an entire half of a person’s lifetime. And, no, it isn’t a unique LED design that enables the unusually-long staying power. Instead, it’s how the lamp treats the LEDs that give them those extended lifespans.


The Dyson CSYS lamps use heat pipe technology to pull heat away from the eight LEDs and direct them through an aluminum heat sink on the lamp’s horizontal arm, preventing them from being exposed to temperatures higher than 131°F. As such, the LEDs lose none of their brightness, color, or efficiency over the years, giving them the ability to last just short of four decades. Not only does the lamp do a good job of preserving the LEDs, it delivers excellent light, too, with a conical reflector housing eliminating glare, so the light puts no strain on the eyes.


Three main designs are available in the line: a desk light, a floor light, and a clamp light, all of them available in a small selection of finishes. Each one uses the same 3-Axis Glide design that makes it easy to adjust the light’s height and position, with a touch-sensitive precision dimming technology.


Pricing for the Dyson CSYS starts at $649.