Down Up Faucet Turns Into Drinking Fountain With A Simple Move From Your Finger


If you don’t want to use a glass to get water from the tap when brushing your teeth, there’s only one other option: cup some water in your hands and rinse with that. While that’s easy enough, having this Down Up Faucet in the bathroom sink will give you a second alternative.

A dual-nozzled tap, it comes with both a downward spout like a regular faucet and an upward spout for drawing water like in a drinking fountain. That way, you don’t even have to cup any water in your hands, which is likely to be a faster and less wasteful option.


When you use the tap, the Down Up will work like any regular faucet, with the water going out through the downward-facing nozzle.   If you want to use the upward spout, simply cover the bottom hole with a finger to send the water spraying into the opposite direction. A design prototype, the tube-style tap is completely 3D printed, with the only moving parts being the disk up top that controls the flow of water. Lifting the disk increases the water pressure, while right and left rotations adjust the water temperature.

The Down Up Faucet is designed by Alice Spieser as her graduation project.