Docks Modular Furniture Combines Simple Design With Plenty Of Potential Configurations


We’re big fans of modular furniture, especially ones that are simple yet capable of being configured in a whole lot of ways. That’s exactly the case with Docks, a modular indoor and outdoor furniture that can easily be arranged into chairs, beds, tables and even standing shelves.

Designed by Romero Vallejo for Gandia Blasco, the flexibility isn’t even the most impressive part of Docks. Instead, it’s the fact that it uses a single type of module for the frame. Multiple units of that one module, combined with different cushions, can be turned into a whole world of possible furniture pieces, making this one of the simplest modular systems we’ve seen devised.


The sole module in Docks is an aluminum frame that comes in three sizes: 26 x 26 x 10 inches (w x d x h), 39 x 39 x 10 inches, and 51 x 26 x 10 inches. Simply arrange a layout of multiple frames in the configuration you like, throw in your choice of cushions (they have standard seating cushions, back supports, and armrests), and you’re done. Slats on the aluminum frame allow you to secure the cushions, so they don’t slide or fall off during use, while sections of the frame left bare (no cushioning) can be used as instant side tables and benches.


Put a couple of these side by side and you can build a comfortable bed, while rows of the thing should make for beautiful couches to sit an entire party. If you need storage space, stacking multiple frames together also lets you produce a functional standing shelf. It’s pretty cool.


We can’t find pricing information for Docks, but it’s available now.