Dime Cabinet Lets You Put A Gorgeous Mini-Bar, Coffee Station, Or Kitchen Worktop On Your Wall


Wall-mounted mini-bars aren’t new. Wall-mounted mini-bars that look like the Dime, however, are certainly all manners of special. I mean, look at that thing.

Designed by Splinter Works, it’s a multi-purpose wall cabinet that’s as mesmerizing to look at as it is versatile in potential functions. While this will definitely turn into a home bar at my house, it could just as well be an additional worktop in someone’s kitchen, as well as a workstation if your place is starved for one.


Let’s be honest, though, the Dime is just aching to be used as a mini-bar. Or, as Splinter Works calls it, a “sculptural cocktail cabinet.” Whichever name you lean towards, it’s perfectly equipped for the job at hand, with a high shelf that can hold glasses and barware, 14 racks sized to hold bottles of spirits and wine, and a generous countertop, where you can set down your drinks. Just add a couple of high stools and the setup is complete. Oh yeah, those racks can also be replaced by drawers if you want to turn it into something else (like a coffee station), complete with hidden cable passthroughs so you can set up the La Marzocco GS/3 without having wires dangling all over.


Unlike typical home bars, the Dime is one stunning decorative piece when mounted up a wall. It uses curved segmented panels of wood veneer to open and close, referencing the appearance of a spinning coin (hence, the name) in motion, making it look like a sculpture you hung up for decorative purposes, rather than a utilitarian cabinet.

No pricing is listed, but you can learn more about Dime from Splinter Works’ website.