You’ll Drive Yourself Dizzy Staring At The Deep 3D Wallpaper


We’re not entirely sure why anyone will want the Deep 3D Wallpaper. I mean, 3D is dizzying, which eliminates staring at the wallpaper as one of those things you can comfortably do at home. Still, if you frequently have guests who you’d rather leave early, we guess having 3D wallpaper that makes them dizzy should lead to desirable results.

Created by design studio Twenty2 in collaboration with grad students from the Pratt Institute, it’s a set of beautifully-made anaglyph wallpapers that will adorn your walls while making you throw up at the same time. Like in the theater, you’ll need to wear 3D glasses to see the actual three-dimensional effect, so it just looks like a giant blurred image the rest of the time. And, yes, we’re not sure if that’s a good thing, a bad thing, or a horrible thing, so anyone investing in this better keep your fingers crossed.


The Deep 3D Wallpaper comes in five designs: Bloom (a wallpaper depicting flowers from the aeonium cactus), VikingR (boats swaying in the water), falls (cascading fabric), Forest for the Trees (forest scene), and Whee (roller-coasters). Each one is printed in grayscale, with red and cyan offsets to create the necessary depth for 3D. The images are printed on heavyweight paper in repeating widths of either 27 or 54 inches, depending on the design.


Available directly from Twenty2, the Deep 3D Wallpaper is priced at $58 per yard for 27-inch designs and $110 per yard for the 54-inch versions.