Hank Is A Hanging Rod That Doubles As A Pendant Lamp


Hank is a frame that integrates a hanging rod, where you can hook on clothes hangers just like the one mounted in your bedroom’s wardrobe cabinet. Except, instead of being mounted inside a cabinet, it’s meant to be hung from the ceiling, allowing you to install it in hallways, bedroom corners, and anywhere else in the house. Oh yeah, it doubles as a pendant lamp, too.

Designed by Ola Samuelson for Swedish outfit D75 Illuminants, the combination storage and lamp gives it unique versatility. Install it in a corner of a room where the mirror is set up to turn it into a makeshift closet, with the lamp ready to illuminate the space when you need the extra light when getting ready for work. Push it up against a wall, add some hooks on the rod, and it becomes a wall-mounted lamp with hanging facilities for bags, coats, and hats. You can even use this to set up a lighted divider in a room – just hang curtains and it’s set.


Available in three widths (2.6 feet, 3.3 feet, and 3.9 feet), Hank is a U-shaped frame that’s hung from the ceiling using its two parallel ends. LEDs embedded right in the frame deliver the illumination, with an integrated dimmer for adjusting brightness completely flicker-free. Construction is steel with two options in finishes (powder-coated or lacquiered), with an included 15-gauge wire for hanging it off ceilings up to 18 feet in height. It can support weights of up to 52 pounds.


No pricing is listed, but Hank is available in four colors directly from D75 Illuminants.