Old Traffic Signs Live Anew In These D.O.T. Coasters


There are, apparently, people out there who take old road signs and turn them into drink coasters. That way, you can enjoy your beer out of the same traffic sign that was the reason you got a DUI because you enjoyed a beer before you drove. Or something like that. Either way, that’s the story with these D.O.T. Coasters.

Made by Boris Bally, these are actual road signs that have outlived their usual existence and were probably on their way to junk shops before ending up at the outfit’s headquarters.   Yes, their headquarters probably look like a junk shop, too. But not like any junk shop – a specialty one with nothing road signs upon road signs in sight.


The D.O.T. Coasters are made from aluminum road signs that are hand-cut and hand-shaped to take a glass, bottle, or can in the center. The signs themselves are left unaltered, so every coaster brings the authentic story of its past life along with it. With that said, they are, of course, cleaned and straightened out (in case the signs are bent), before receiving a protecting coating to preserve its weatherized patina. Dimensions are 4.5 x 4.5 x 0.25 inches for the coasters.


Available now, the D.O.T. Coasters are priced at $20 apiece.