Every Kitchen Deserves An Extension Like This Custom Hudson Woods Pantry


It’s not for sale, but Hudson Woods’ custom-built kitchen pantry is just the kind of freestanding furniture every kitchen deserves. With a gorgeous design, beautiful craftsmanship, and well-planned function, it’s the kind of bespoke piece you’re going to want to keep a record of, just in case you decide to have a pantry built and need a good one for reference.

Designed by the Lang Architecture team and built by Samuel Moyer, it’s a freestanding pantry that lets you extend the kitchen to any empty spot in the room. Whether you need an extra place to store supplies, a spot for your growing range of coffee gear, or just a catch-all for your bustling kitchen, it delivers the goods with plenty of style in tow.


The Custom Hudson Woods Pantry features 16 drawers of different sizes sitting below a two-door cabinet that opens to a soapstone countertop and two rows of shelves. It’s built from solid black walnut, with brass accents, hand-cut wood batten strips on the cabinet doors, and hand cut dovetail joinery on the drawers. So it can serve as a functional counter extension, the pantry comes with built-in electrical outlets, with enough headroom on the countertop to accommodate coffee makers, microwaves, and similarly-sized kitchen appliances.


And, no, Hudson Woods isn’t in the business of furniture now. Instead, they seem to have been building pieces that will go well with the types of homes they’re selling – a criteria this Custom Hudson Woods Pantry fits like a glove. Measurements and some of the plan details are available from the original post, by the way, just in case you’re thinking of building one of your own.