Use The Curvit To Maximize Elbow Room And Eliminate “Curtain Cling” In The Shower


You hit the shower, close the curtain, and turn the knob, enjoying the rush of warm water splashing onto your body. And, then, it happens: the cold, wet curtain starts bending inwards, clinging to your body and ruining the moment. The worst part? That’s how your mornings always start. Fortunately, you can banish “curtain cling” from the daily shower experience by simply installing Curvit.

A set of twelve hooks, they hold the curtain in a curved position away from the inside of the shower, making it feel like your bath area is way bigger than it actually is. They will hold the curtains in the curved position permanently, too, so it won’t simply bend back inwards as soon as the water starts shooting out of the showerhead.


Curvit is a pre-assembled system that simply snaps onto any standard shower rod that measures an inch in diameter, making them considerably simpler to set up than curved shower rods. It can work with any existing curtain or liner (even both), although they recommend it with light- or medium-weight curtains that measure at least 72 inches long for best results. When installed, it curves the curtain by about five inches outward, so you get that much extra elbow room to do your Taylor Swift dance moves while singing Anaconda. Yes, it’s not a pretty sight watching you take a bath. Oh yeah, the curtain tapers back down at the bottom, so it still stays within the shower area the whole time.

Available now, Curvit is priced at $24.99.