Use The Cubitat To Turn A Bare Room Into A Fully-Equipped Apartment


Plug and play is a thing we’ve long been accustomed to when it comes to accessories for our computers and other electronics. The Cubitat, however, seeks to bring the same convenience when it comes to outfitting a bare room into a full-service apartment.

Created by Canada-based studio Urban Capital in collaboration with Luca Nichetto, it’s a cube measuring 10 x 10 x 10 feet that turns any space into an instantly livable dwelling. Seriously, just park this damn thing on the floor and you’re set, with no renovations necessary.


The Cubitat is a prefabricated module that comes equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, laundry, tons of storage space, and a living room that doubles as the sleeping area. Designed to be set up surrounded by empty space, each of the four sides carry a different function. One side is the living room/bedroom, which has a flatscreen TV, integrated shelves, a cabinet, and a slide-out double bed that pops out from inside the box. Turn the corner on the left and you have a fully-equipped kitchen, featuring a sink, counter space, oven, cooktop, dishwasher, fridge and plenty of cupboard space. Opposite the bedroom is the entrance to the bathroom, with a European-style laundry area set up inside a cabinet. The last side has two doors that open into a spacious cabinet for your wardrobe.


Seriously, this thing is awesome. Just pay a contractor to hook it up to your electrical and plumbing and you’re set.


For now, the Cubitat is a concept piece that Urban Capital showed off at the 2015 Interior Design Show in Toronto, but I definitely can see the appeal and won’t mind seeing this in actual product form.