Cube Thruster Hi-Fi Audio System Takes The Form Of A Coffee Table


Your coffee table might do a good job of holding your books, propping up your feet, or acting as a serving table while eating pizza in front of the TV, but this Cube Thruster totally makes a case for kicking it aside. Why? Because it can do all those things while also being a hi-fidelity audio system, allowing you to save the media cabinet from even more clutter by moving your sound system elsewhere in the living room.

Made by Laboite Concept, the coffee table-sized sound system has space on top for putting your feet up and holding the remote, along with a shelf on the bottom for holding a stack of magazines and other supplies. Of course, we would have liked it with the top just a little wider (the current dimensions seem more suited to a side table), but we’ll take it.


I mean, who wouldn’t take it? The Cube Thruster, after all, is also a hi-fidelity sound system with two full-range 8cm speakers (with Wide Sound 2.0 enhancement that allows optimum listening, wherever you are in the room), one double bass-reflex woofer, and two 5cm aluminum airflows. For connectivity, it comes with 3.5mm, RCA, and optical ports, along with Bluetooth 4.0 and Apple Airplay support, so you can hook it up to, practically, any audio source. Whether you’re watching shows on the TV, listening to music on your phone, or trawling the weird part of YouTube for the silliest videos you can find, you can use this thing to pipe your sounds in all of their full glory.


The Cube Thruster is available now.