Use These Crop Circle Towels To Make Your Home More Inviting To Alien Visitors


Want to make your bathroom more inviting to potential alien visitors, but not quite sure where to start? While the UFO Soap Pump sure makes for a nice touch, we have a feeling these Crop Circle Towels will look a lot less campy to non-alien bathroom users.

Just like many corn fields suspected of having been visited by aliens, these towels feature intricate circular patterns carved onto its fabric, so you can quickly let any extra-terrestrials know that you share their love for the mysterious art while they covertly inspect your bathroom in the dead of night. Unlike the corn fields, though, the patterns will not disappear with a change of season, so you can marvel at their sight every time you reach for a towel to dry your freshly-showered body.


Made by Brooklyn-based Anatoliy Omelchenko, the Crop Circle Towels come in hand, bath, and beach sizes, so you can enjoy your unexplained artworks, whether you’re brushing in the bathroom, cooking in the kitchen, or holidaying in the Carribean. Each of the three types of towels features a different crop circle design, so you can enjoy different kinds of mysterious art at different times. Dimensions are 28 x 59 for the beach towel, 28 x 39.5 for the bath towel, and 20 x 29.5 for the hand towel, with each one clad in forest-green, green-tea, and green-yellow hues, respectively.

The towels are made from 100 percent carded cotton, which is loomed in Turkey from pure organic cotton. All of them are machine-washable.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running to fund the Crop Circle Towels. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $5 for the hand towel, $8 for the bath towel, and $12 for the beach towel.