Corques Sofa Is So Lightweight Even A Child Can Move It Around The House


Couches have always been heavy pieces of furniture – the kind you’ll have to muster enough strength to move around the house and call on a buddy to help you take it up a flight of stairs.  That’s not the case, however, with the Corques, a two-person (three-person, if you’re skinny) sofa made from cork.

Designed by Lucie Koldova for Belgian furniture outfit PER/USE, it’s a couch made entirely from lightweight cork, with the upper half covered with fabric to make it more presentable around the house.  That means, you can, literally, push it around the house with one hand (won’t even scratch the floors) and carry it all by your lonesome, making for a more forgiving piece of furniture whether you’re cleaning the living room or moving to a new apartment.


The base of Corques is made from a single block of condensed cork, so it should handle the weight of a couple of people without crumbling, similar to the way cork stools are easily able to handle their occupants.  It uses cork from production leftovers in a Portuguese bottle cork factory, paired with colorful Kvadrat Divina fabric to create the attractive, modern look.  Since this is lightweight cork, it will probably slide if you plop down on it hard like you would on a regular sofa (maybe it can even flip over), but we guess that’s part of the fun of having this thing in the living room.  Dimensions are 190 x 88 x 94 cm, although weight isn’t listed (we imagine it’s very, very light, though).

Available in five fabric colors, you can find purchase details for Corques directly from PER/USE.