Concrete Candles: Tea Lights With An Industrial Flair


Contrary to what the name implies, these Concrete Candles aren’t impossible-to-melt bricks of cement with a wick in the middle. That would just be unusable.   Instead, they’re regular tea light candles housed inside a candle holder made entirely from concrete.

Made by Insek Design, it’s a cylinder-shaped candle holder with a slanted top, carrying an 8.5-ounce soy wax candle inside.  It’s pretty.   With its concrete construction, it takes a solid, hefty form that’s certain to fit in with any industrial-themed decor.


The Concrete Candles measure 3.5 x 4 inches (diameter x height), making them ideal as decorative natural lighting elements to adorn mantles, tables, and shelves. Each one features a non-toxic and food-safe seal, with a cork bottom and a whopping 35 hours of burn life (yes, I’d have to try one to believe, too, since the tea lights I buy tend to last anywhere from three to five, max).

Since tea light candles are meant to be one-time use, they don’t sell replacement candles that you can slip into the holder once the wick runs out, although the set does include seed paper, which you can plant on the concrete container to turn it into a tiny flower pot. Plus, that fine-looking concrete holder can find so many possible uses, like a shot glass for the wall-mounted mini-bar, a desk organizer for small office supplies (think clips, pins, and tacks), or even a serving bowl for dips and sauces (just make sure to clean it really well).

Available in sets of 10 (packaged in a wooden box), the Concrete Candles retail for $60.