A Magnetic Snap-On Design Allows The Cling Hanger To Take A Minimalist Form


If you hang your clothes in steel racks at home, why not just hang them with hangers that use magnets to snap itself onto the rack? That’s the idea behind the Cling, a minimal hanger design that can snap itself onto clothing racks using integrated magnets.

Armed with N52 neodymium magnets, the hanger safely support clothes up to 2.5 pounds in weight, so it should have no problem working with most tees, shirts, and garments in your wardrobe. Granted, that will be a problem if you own plenty of heavy coats and… I don’t know… armor suits, but just use your existing clothes hangers for those.


Cling is, basically, a hanger with the hook removed and a magnet inserted in its place. They didn’t throw away the hook either. Instead, they simply added a steel plate to the base of the hook, allowing you to use it with the magnetic hanger by simply snapping onto the underside of the magnetic center. When used that way, you can use the hook to hang your neckties, belts, and scarves. Unused hooks, on the other hand, can be turned into makeshift wall hooks – just attach a double-sided adhesive backing onto the steel plate and use it to hang hats, keys, and other lightweight gear.   Construction is ABS plastic for the hangers.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Cling. Pledges to reserve a set of three starts at $19.