Chayr Uses An Innovative Seat Made From Hay And Grass


Neither hay nor grass have any place inside a home. Unless, of course, you’re trying to make your house look like the barn on Uncle Ezekiel’s farm for some reason. At least, that was the case before we saw Chayr, a stool that uses hay and grass for its seat, all while managing to look like it belongs on a modern home in the most metropolitan city.

Designed by Henry & Co, it’s a simple, four-legged chair with no backrest or arm supports. What it has, though, is a unique seat with edges that looks like it’s composed of tightly-compressed grass and hay. Which, apparently, it is. No, the grass and hay won’t grow or get smelly or invite a colony of ants to live in them (at least, I don’t think so), so it functions much like any seat cushion, except it looks like it was ripped right out of the neighbor’s lawn.


Chayr’s seat is actually a part of CMF Greentech’s Ekolithos line, an entire family products created from various waste materials. In this case, those waste materials happen to be grass and hay, which are bundled in a highly compact state (1400/1500 Kg / m³ density) using an all-natural “royal jelly” binder that’s based on virgin wood flour. Suffice to say, it’s weird as heck, but is perfectly functional, boasting resistance to prolonged boiling cycles and maintaining dimensional stability even in high-humidity environments.


No word on availability or pricing for Chayr, but you can learn more directly from Henry & Co.