24 Identical Pieces Of Wood Come Together To Form The Chair Nº24


Sure, anyone can use identical pieces of wood to build a single article of furniture. Making it look good, with all parts fitting squarely into place, however, is a whole other thing entirely. The Chair Nº24, which is made using 24 identical pieces of wood, has been meticulously designed to ensure it achieves just that.

Created by Portuguese architects Angela Frias and Gonçalo Dias (under a partnership called Mo-ow), the chair was conceived from the ground up to be built from identical pieces of wood. While the idea definitely sounded simple, coming up with the design was a whole other matter, requiring plenty of experimentation with the shape and measurement of each module to get it right.


The Chair Nº24 impressively uses the same short length of wood that tapers in width from one end to the other. When connected together using standard nails or screws, that single wood design manages to form the seat, backrest, legs, and overall structure of the chair, without a single element looking out of proportion.


No pricing is listed, but the Chair Nº24 is listed for purchase. Construction is either walnut or sycamore wood, with other wood types available on request.