Catable 2.0 Is The Cat Playground Every Stylish Cat Lady’s Home Deserves


Keeping a house in order with a bunch of cats in it is hard enough, so if you’re going to get your cats a playground, it better be something that won’t put a damper on your home’s aesthetic. The Catable 2.0 doesn’t just do that, it actually adds a dose of style with its unusual decorative qualities.

Designed by LYCS Architecture, it’s a modular cat playground consisting of wooden cubes that you can stack and line up according to your liking. Instead of looking like cat toys, though, they can easily pass off as modern shelves or freestanding sculptures, enhancing your home’s appearance like few pet playgrounds could.


The Catable 2.0 consists of four cube designs, each one with specific paths for cats to crawl into. You can stack them for a tall play space or line them up to create long tunnels, either of which should keep your cats busy exploring its numerous crannies. Yes, some of those holes look way too small, but considering the kind of narrow spaces I’ve seen cats literally fit into, I’m pretty sure these won’t present any problems. While, obviously, meant for use by your cats, they could easily double as shelves (just pray the cats don’t climb into them and knock your stuff out), with each individual cube also serving as functional stools when you have guests over and seating is scarce. Each one is made from solid timber.


We can’t find details on availability or pricing, but the Catable 2.0 was presented at the Milan Design Week.