Cantilever Flatware Lets You Put The Cutlery On The Tablecloth Without Leaving Stains


While they look nothing more than regular cutlery, the Cantilever Flatware can make noticeable difference during use. Especially, if you find yourself in the habit of setting down the spoon, fork, or knife on the table, creating a mess of stains in the process.

Sporting thicker than usual handles, each of the knives, forks, and spoons on the set can be laid down on the table with the part that touches the food (e.g. the blade on the knife or the prongs on the spoon) held floating right above the surface. That way, only the handle touches the table surface, improving hygiene and reducing the chances of food making its way from your plate to the pristine white tablecloth your wife just finished washing the other night. Oops.


Oh, you are a cultured gentleman who never puts your flatware on the tablecloth like a clumsy hooligan raised in a barn? Fine, then. Maybe you can get the Cantilever Flatware as cutlery for your children, especially those younger ones who now eat on their own, but haven’t quite developed the same refined sophistication as their esteemed dad. Of course, there’s still a 50 percent chance they’ll set the items down the wrong way and make a mess, but, hey, when you’re raising kids and trying to keep a house clean, a 50 percent chance sounds like the kind of odds any parent can live with. The product page also claims it “looks beautiful, weighted to feel right, and tested to ensure pleasant use.” I’ll take that.


The Cantilever Flatware is available now, priced at $24.95 a set.