Body Building Collection Makes Your Home Look Like A Gym


You spend so much time in the gym, you actually miss it when you come home. And while you’re not crazy enough to turn your house into an unlivable fitness center, you might miss the gym less if you outfit it with the Body Building Collection, a set of home items clad to look like gym equipment.

Designed by Alberto Biagetti and Laura Baldassari, the set includes furniture, rugs, and even lighting fixtures all inspired by things you’re likely to find at the local gym. No, you can’t use them for an actual workout, but if you consider the gym your favorite place in the world, we imagine this will put your house in a close second place.


Body Building consists of several pieces, each one resembling an item you’re likely to find inside a gym. It comes with two living room benches, Cavallina Nera and Cavallina Argento, both of which are styled to look like gymnastic pommel horse equipment, along with smaller versions that serve as stools. You can round out that living room set with the Manubri, a coffee table that uses dumbbell-like frames to support the glass top.


Three rugs are included, two that look like part of a basketball court and one that looks like a running track. For lighting, there’s a set of pendant lamps that look like gymnastic rings and a set of gymnastic wall bars with a lighting element on top.


You can inquire about pricing and availability for pieces in the Body Building Collection from Atelier Biagetti.