Bodacious Bottles Turns Used Bottles Into Fancy Multi-Color Lamps


We’ve seen many instances of empty alcohol bottles reworked into functional lamps. These Color-Changing Bottle Lamps take it up a notch, adding elements that make it very decorative.

Made by Bodacious Bottles, each of the lamps are made from a variety of repurposed bottles and containers, including spirits, beers, and even jars of Heinz Sweet Relish. The spirits and beers should make ideal lighting for mini-bars, bachelor pads, and outdoor spaces, with the other containers working great for kitchens and other areas of the house.


Each Color-Changing Bottle Lamp is permanently mounted to a solid wood base, which houses the multi-color LED and accompanying electrical hardware. All labels are preserved on the bottles, so anyone should recognize them on sight, with the inside of each bottle covered in tiny glass crystals that give the lamp a diamond-like glow when the light from the LED bounces off them. It uses an RGB LED that can switch among 16 different colors, complete with a dimming function and four effects modes (flash, strobe, fade, and smooth) to give you plenty of options for setting the mood. Power use is just 3 watts for the LED, which is rated for 50,000 hours.


Pricing for the Bodacious Bottles Color Changing Bottle Lamps vary depending on the bottle used, starting at $24.95.