Birdstick Standing Storage Looks To Birdhouses For Inspiration


Looking for standing shelf storage that’s a bit more exotic than what you can find at the local IKEA? Maybe you’ll find plenty to love in this Birdstick, a freestanding storage piece inspired by birdhouses.

Designed by Kristina Kjaer, it’s, basically, a standing coat rack with all the hooks removed and replaced by birdhouses installed along the pole’s length. These could pass off as real birdhouses, too. I mean, leave them outside, set down a feeder on each one, and we bet some birds will probably drop in to take temporary refuge. Oh yeah, those annoying squirrels will probably sneak in, too, so word of caution.


Each of the “birdhouses” on the Birdstick can be positioned anywhere along the length of the pole by simply using the included distance pieces and dowels onto the pre-drilled holes. The birdhouses can be turned while positioned on the pole, as well, so you can simply pull one to face you if you don’t feel like walking around it to get a book you’ve hidden inside. Three shelves that look like birdhouses are included: a small one for everyday carry items; a medium one with only a single open side; and a large one sized to fit coffee table books and other more substantial objects.


While the birdhouses are pre-built, the pole is designed for assembly. Don’t worry, though, it won’t require any tools for putting together, as it uses tripod legs that interlock with the pole using dowels, so finishing the whole thing  (including the shelves) should take no more than a few minutes.


We can’t find pricing or availability details for the Birdstick.