Brighten Up Dreary Garages With This Big Ass LED Light


Most garages and workshops tend to be treated as second-rate areas of the house – the kind that gets equipped with the cheap chairs, the old cabinets, and the eyesore of a coffee table Uncle Dave gave you last Christmas. And while we’re fine with that, we will have to make an objection when it comes to lighting. Simply put, every de facto man cave deserves bright, powerful illumination and this Big Ass LED Light is designed to deliver just that.

Described as “the biggest, baddest, brightest garage light,” the high-bay lighting fixture will deliver a whopping 13,000 lumens of brightness to illuminate every inch of the erstwhile dreary space. Whether you’re fixing the gears on the mountain bike, working on the minivan’s engine, or building a dollhouse for your daughter, this thing should be all the light you need to keep everything in plain sight.


The 122W Big Ass LED Light is based on the company’s industrial warehouse lighting fixtures, boasting the same rugged construction and lighting technology, while being engineered specifically for use in residential settings.   Housing is built off a single piece of extruded aluminum, rather than poured molds, giving it greater durability and a more striking appearance. It comes with an integrated heat sink (those ribbed fins on the housing), which quickly gets rid of any heat generated by the lights, as well as impressive longevity, with the LEDs expected to retain up to 70 percent of their brightness after 150,000 hours.

No pricing is listed for the Big Ass LED Light, but you can call the number on their website to inquire.