BeTween Is A Three-Piece Furniture System That Combines Into Unique Designs


When viewed separately, the three components of BeTween look like an odd assortment of pieces, cast as irregularly-shaped tables and benches. And, yes, you can use them as such. When combined, though, they turn into unique workplace furnishings that equip the space a whole other way.

Designed by Jurgen Bey for Prooff, the modular components can be combined to form two different kinds of furniture, giving users three different ways to arrange the set. That way, you can use it to put together exactly to what you need for a particular situation, whether it be a spacious writing desk for one, a standing desk with an accompanying chair, or a two-person desk separated by a divider.


Two of BeTween’s components can serve as benches on their own, one slightly taller than the other (you can use the taller one as a bench and the shorter an ottoman), with the last one ready to serve as a standard-height desk. Each one is fully upholstered in a different fabric and shade, with shapes designed to slot them flush together. When combined, the pieces also look like artfully-arranged tree trunks, giving them a decorative appeal on top of the utility.


Altogether, the modules weigh 170 pounds, which isn’t exactly light, but should be easily handled during arrangement by two people (or one person with a decent amount of strength). Do note, the only pieces you’ll have to lift up are the two smaller ones, with the larger module only requiring being turned to its side in the standing desk configuration.

You can learn more about BeTween from Prooff’s website.