This Basket-Container Table’s Unique Form Creates A Whole New Set Of Functions


Nendo’s Basket-Container is a table that uses a basket for a tabletop. Why? We’re not entirely sure. What I know is, I can probably come up with a bunch of novel uses for this thing, owing directly to its unique design.

Created in collaboration with Kanaami-Tsuji, the table uses wires that are individually hand-bent to create the basket netting surfaces, along with slender steel bars for the table’s wireframe structure. It results in a unique aesthetic that makes the pieces look ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and different types of outdoor settings.


The Basket-Container is made in three different heights at two varying shapes (oval and round), with the tops either done up as a basket or flat like a tabletop. Those with basket tops can make for ideal storage fixtures in kitchens (for holding fruits, vegetables, and supplies) and bathrooms (for holding toiletries), while also opening up a potential function as makeshift sinks for washing stuff in the backyard (just put a bucket at the bottom to catch water). The ones with flat tops, on the other hand, can serve as regular tables, with their slender size making them ideal for narrow spaces like entryways and the tight area between the sofa and the wall.


Each one comes with legs that are more slender than the eyes of the netting, allowing the tables to be easily stacked and combined. Other details include removable tops (both baskets and flats) and a matte surface finish in either black or white.


You can check more pictures of the Basket-Container from Nendo’s website.