Babylon Light And Planter Uses Hanging Plants To Decorate Your Lighting Fixture


We’re not sure how safe it is to put electrical stuff on a container you are designed to water regularly, but we’re hoping it’s safe enough that there won’t be any issues installing this Babylon Light and Planter in our home. It just look all manners of adorable.

Designed by Robert Taylor of Toronto-based Object Interface, it’s a hanging lamp that also doubles as planter, so you can have plants growing right on top of your lighting fixture. It’s a clever mash-up and one that’s bound to look amazing, especially with appendages from hanging plants like snowtopia, senecios, and donkey’s tail drooping down to create a natural canopy around the fixture. It’s really quite the unusual sight.


The Babylon Light and Planter is made from aluminum, with a 100-watt porcelain lamp holder at the underside and a shallow dish on top for your hanging plants. Measuring 15 inches in diameter and six inches tall, the round dish should offer enough space to create a thriving hanging garden, as well as a makeshift hanging display shelf, in case you’d rather place decorative items on it (just make sure you keep the weight balanced so the dish doesn’t tilt). Oh yeah, the product page does say the lighting units are waterproofed, so there should be no safety hazards growing plants on top of it. It comes with a 6-foot stainless steel cable, a 6-foot electrical cord, a ceiling canopy, and all the mounting hardware you’ll need.


Available now, the Babylon Light and Planter is priced at $550.