There’s Nothing Practical About The Arc Light, But It Sure Is Awesome


It’s far from the most practical wall lamp you can install. If all you’re after is impressing people who visit your house, though, there are few lamps that will do better at making folks scratch their heads than the Arc Light.

Designed by Vedat Ulgen, the lamp consists of a board with a series of rod-shaped slots cut along the surface. Those slots are meant to hold LED-filled tubes, which you can attach to provide the actual lighting. But, that’s not what makes it special.


Instead, what makes the Arc Light unique is that you don’t actually attach the LED tubes to any lighting hardware. Ask a guest to slot a tube into one of the slots and watch their reaction as they see the light turn on as soon as it comes near the board, making the whole thing look like some marvelous kind of sorcery. Of course, it isn’t.

The Arc Light is actually equipped with a Tesla coil behind the board, which creates an electric within its immediate surroundings, causing the LED to switch on as soon as it comes within close proximity. Yes, a Tesla coil, which means it’s wasting a whole lot of electricity, since the electric field permeates in all direction. But, hey, if you only turn it for a brief party trick, the waste shouldn’t be all that bad.


Construction is solid walnut wood for the board, with the slots hand-cut to ensure the LED tubes will fit snugly. It measures 23 x 48 x 13 inches (h x l x d). You can learn more about the Arc Light from the link below.