Aozora Coffee Press Offers A Quick And Easy Way To Make A Delicious Cup Of Brew


From French presses to coffee makers to single-serve machines, there’s no shortage of ways to make brewed coffee at home. Well, here’s another one: the Aozora Coffee Press, a handheld device that lets you make brewed coffee in a fast and convenient way.

How fast? In as little as four minutes. How convenient? You simply place ground coffee beans into the device, immerse in a cup of water, and leave it in for the prescribed duration. After that, you’re ready to enjoy coffee that the product page describes as “deep-flavored.”


Styled to function like a portable, mini French press, the Aozora Coffee Press consists of two detachable parts: a plunger and a barrel. To use, simply place some coarsely-ground coffee on the barrel and push the plunger in, leaving it to cook similar to a tea infuser. After four minutes, just retrieve, putting in one last squeeze if you want to ensure an even stronger brew. You can place coffee in the barrel right when you’re about to cook or place some on standby for when you get the hankering for a sip, which should save you a little extra time while you drowsily make your way around the kitchen early in the morning.

Dimensions are 3.9 x 16.5 x 3.9 cm (w x h x d), with a weight of 37.5 g. Construction is a mix of polypropylene, silicone, and stainless steel.

Available from Rakuten, the Aozora Coffee Press is priced at ¥ 972.