Reduce Water Use Up To 60 Percent With The Anton Strainer Bowl


Strainer bowls work well enough that it’s not really aching to be redesigned. Despite that, we can’t help but want to trade in the one in our kitchen for the Anton, a strainer bowl with an unusual, water-saving design.

Designed by Ryannn Aoukar, the bowl doesn’t have perforations all over the bottom like conventional strainers. Instead, it comes with a set of smaller perforations in one side that lead to an integrated spout. The idea is, to use the water to properly wash the contents of the bowl before getting rid of them, allowing folks to reduce water use in strainers by up to 60 percent.


The Anton Strainer Bowl’s spout doubles as its handle, so you simply tilt it with the handle pointing towards the sink to get rid of any water in the bowl. This design also allows you to set the bowl down on the countertop when draining pasta – just make sure the spout leads directly to the sink to avoid any mess in the counter. Dimensions are 12 x 9 x 4 inches for the bowl, with the capacity to hold up to two cups of water, when tilted slightly to avoid letting the water through the perforations. Construction is food-grade, BPA-free polypropylene that’s safe to use in dishwashers, microwaves, and freezers.


Available in four colors, the Anton Strainer Bowl is priced at $25.