Anda Is An Inflatable Chair With A Wooden Twist


Blowup furniture is definitely convenient. It’s usability and comfort, on the other hand, is another matter entirely. Anda approaches inflatables a different way, opting to use it as part of a wooden frame to create furniture that’s actually stable and comfortable.

Designed by Tehila Guy, it’s an armchair that uses a wooden frame, but uses a blowup material everywhere else. The seat? Inflatable. The backrest? Same. The armrests? Filled with air, too. It’s absolutely strange. And to make things even stranger, it uses a transparent plastic material for the inflatable, so you can see the wooden structure supporting the air-blown parts.


Anda is meant to be shipped as flat-packed furniture, with the inflatable material allowing a minimal amount of components to be included in the package.   Because, you know, traditional mattresses and upholstery are kind of thick, large, and heavy. With this design, only the wooden rods which form the structure need to take up the bulk of the package – the inflatable part can simply be folded down and blown up as soon as it arrives.


Guy claims the chair is actually comfortable to use. We guess it could be, since it sits you pretty high unlike other inflatable furniture. Plus, the structure looks sturdy enough that it won’t wobble the way blowup chairs tend to do.

You can check out more pictures from Tehila Guy’s website.