Anatomy Of Digestion Dinnerware Features Illustrations Of Internal Organs Responsible For Processing Your Food


Unless you’re intent on losing your appetite, a set of plates, cups, and saucers printed with illustrations of digestive systems in the mouth, stomach, intestines, and liver sound just like the kind of thing you’d never want to use during meals. Surprisingly, though, the Anatomy of Digestion dinnerware set actually does that without turning into a vomit-inducing object.

Each piece of tableware comes printed with clean line drawings of one component of the human digestive system. Rather than make it a graphic illustration, however, they laid them out in creative patterns that make the whole thing look like fancy decoration, rather than anatomical objects straight out of a medical textbook.


Consisting of plates, cups, and saucers, each piece in the Anatomy of Digestion has drawings of either teeth, mucosa (the innermost layer of the gastrointestinal tract), arteries, or hepatic lobules, all arranged in striking patterns that make the human anatomical inspiration less obvious than it could have been.   Each piece is handmade from fine bone china, with gilded rims. Diameter dimensions are 10 inches for the plates, 6 inches for the saucers, and 3.5 inches for the cups. All pieces are suitable for hand washing only.


Available now, the Anatomy of Digestion plates retail at $80 for each plate and cup/saucer set.