Afterglow Studio Turns Scrap Objects Into Sculptural Lighting Masterpieces


Chances are, you’ve seen your share of sculptures made from junk objects, both good and bad. And while Andy Schulman of Afterglow Studio’s creations definitely fall on the good side of that spectrum, what sets his creations apart is the fact that the sculptures also serve as functional lighting.

Ranging from small lamps to large modules that take up chunks of the ceiling to “light murals” that inhabit an entire wall, the creations all strike a balance between form and function, with the repurposing of erstwhile landfill fodder seeming to be nothing more than an aside. Seriously, some of this stuff is just downright breathtaking.


What materials does Andy use? Just about anything he can salvage. He’s got creations that use containers (crates, buckets, cages), glassware (bottles, jars), car parts, kitchen utensils, hand tools, and all sorts of other scraps, each one of them originally coming from a long gone era. And the results are downright amazing, looking like the kind of lighting fixtures a supervillain with a steampunk complex is totally going to install in the secret lair where he plots his designs for world domination. Or something like that.


He divides the collection into three types: Signature Series, Installations, and One-of-a-Kind. The Signature Series are recurring designs, with minor variations caused by the use of different materials (he can’t always get the same size crates, for instance); the Installations are commissioned custom lighting that will, occasionally, use existing designs; and One-of-a-Kind are for collectors who have something bespoke in mind.


You can check out more of Andy’s work directly from Afterglow Studio’s website.