Turn Your Cupcake Party Into A Kraken Party With The Tentacle Cupcake Toppers


Tentacles are awesome, whether they’re attached to Cthulhu, an octopus, or the top of a cupcake. Seriously, just look at how great these Tentacle Cupcake Toppers look and tell me they don’t make those tiny cakes look ten times more menacing to your figure.

Made by Thick and Thin Designs, it’s a set of cupcake toppers cast in the form of octopus limbs, so you can give every cupcake that comes out of the oven a slithering twist. Whether you’re enjoying a strawberry cupcake, a triple chocolate chip cupcake, or any other flavor of pastry you like, these things will turn every serving of cupcake into a veritable kraken party.


The Tentacle Cupcake Toppers are made from acrylic, so it’s durable, shatter-proof, and easy to clean, so you can reuse them plenty of times. Each one is cut in detailed shape, complete with suction cups to create the realistic curling effect. It comes in three designs: one that curls at the top, one that forms a coil, and another that slightly curves as it sticks straight up. Dimensions are 2 inches tall for each tentacle, with a pick at the bottom for sticking into the cake.


Available in sets of 12, the Tentacle Cupcake Toppers are priced at $15.