Why Are Water Pitchers Round? I Don’t Know, But This Water Pitcher Block Sure Isn’t


We don’t actually know why they make water pitchers round, but that’s just the way things seem to be. Which is why something so simple like this Water Pitcher Block, which comes in a cube shape, is almost guaranteed to stand out.

Designed by Antonio Arico, it ditches the typical round and bulbous designs of water carafes in favor of blockier dimensions. Will it be easier to use? We have no idea. Will it save more space? Again, we’re not sure. Given that we’ve spent our entire lives pouring drinking water out of round pitchers, though, we definitely want one of these to change things up during dinner.


The Water Pitcher Block isn’t a perfect cube shape, though. Instead, it tapers a bit towards the bottom, with round corners and edges all over the body. Truth be told, it looks like a slightly melted ice cube, which makes the whole aesthetic even more interesting than it would have been otherwise. It features a hole on top for topping up with water and ice, as well as a slim handle for convenient serving.   The opening up top is small (like, less than two inches max, from the looks of it), though, so this will likely be a hassle to clean up, but we can always chalk that up to the kind of things you have to put up with in order to own a water pitcher that’s not round. I mean, you just don’t see one every day. Each pitcher is hand blown by accomplished glass blower, Massimo Lunardon.


Sold in a set, along with six similarly block-shaped glasses, the Water Pitcher Block is distributed internationally by Edita Materia. No pricing is listed.