Wall Ride Shelf Turns Your Skateboard Into Home Decor


Whether you like skateboarding or not, you’ve probably seen a deck or two that have caught your eye with their beautiful graphics. And while you can mount decks to a wall for decorative purposes (we’ve seen several guides online on how to do that), this Wall Ride lets you do the same thing with a whole lot less work.

Made by Zannochi & Starke, it’s a wall-mounted shelf with a designated rack for hanging a skateboard. The board will hang with the wheels facing opposite the wall, too (yes, no dirty walls), so your favorite deck automatically becomes a display piece that adds just a hint of character to the place you call home.


The Wall Ride features two shelves where you can set down your favorite skateboarding hardcovers, fingerboards, and Tony Hawk toys, so they can adorn your wall right alongside that Sean Cliver deck you paid way too much money on eBay for. Three hooks are also integrated on the lower shelf, so you can hang your cap, backpack, or headphones as soon as you get back in the digs. Construction is laser-cut metal that’s powder coated in either black, orange, or white.


The skateboard rack, by the way, makes it easy to slip your board on and off, so you can quickly switch to that Mark McKee deck when you get tired of looking at whatever you’ve got hanging on the slot. As a bonus, the rack can also serve as a bottle opener when the slot is unoccupied.


Available directly from Zannochi & Starke, the Wall Ride is priced at $175.