Unikia Squircle Is A Lazy Susan For The Fridge


Retrieving items from the back of the fridge usually isn’t a problem. Unless you have a larger fridge that’s stocked to the brim, that is. If taking stuff out the front of the shelf so you can get to the back isn’t in the list of things you want to spend time doing, the Unikia Squircle can save you from the hassle.

A miniature Lazy Susan for the fridge, it’s a spinning tray that lets you shuffle through its contents by simply rotating it. That way, whatever’s in the back can easily end up in front with just a quick spin. No more taking stuff out one by one, then putting them back in.


As the name suggests, the Unikia Squircle takes on that shape that’s both circular and square, yet it’s not quite a square and not quite a circle. It’s not just a whimsical decision to outfit the tray that way, either, as the semi-circular shape allows it to rotate comfortably in the fridge, while the semi-square shape maximizes shelf space better than a round tray would.   It measures 27 x 3.5 cm (diameter x height), with a surface large enough to hold multiple bottles, jars, and other refrigerated supplies.


While designed to help with crowded fridges, it’s actually easy to make an argument to keep this thing even if all you keep is a bar of butter, a few containers, and some fruits. I mean, fridges are incredibly boring and a spinning tray that you can play with every time you open the fridge to grab a pop sounds just like the perfect antidote.

You can get the Squircle directly from Unikia, where it’s priced at €19.95.