Towel Timer: Finally, A Kitchen Timer You’ll Never Misplace


Kitchen timers are very useful when you like cooking meals at precise durations, helping you ensure that food is neither undercooked nor overcooked. At least, that’s what kitchen timers will do if you can find them, considering their propensity to being lost and misplaced. That won’t be the case with the Towel Timer, a paper towel holder with an integrated kitchen timer that you won’t have to dig around for every single time.

Designed by Koens and Middlekoop, it’s an erstwhile regular kitchen towel holder for use in countertops, with a weighted base for stability, a raised ridge on the topside of the base to prevent it from unrolling, and an inconspicuous design that should blend in with all the other objects in the kitchen counter. Except, it has an odd-looking top, with numbers printed around the tip, similar to what you’ll find on kitchen timers.


That’s because the top of the Towel Timer is actually a kitchen timer, with the markings representing minutes. To simmer a stew for 30 minutes, just turn it to the 30-minute mark and you’re done – just shut the stove off as soon as it rotates back to zero. Because of the weighted base, the mechanical timer can be set using one hand without having it wobble or keel over. Dimensions are 13.7 x 33.9 cm (height x diameter), with the ability to hold kitchen towels measuring 24 cm tall. Construction is plastic, with three color options: off-white, light blue, and anthracite.

The Towel Timer is available now, priced at €39.95.