This Analog Memory Desk Includes A 1,100-Yard Roll Of Paper For All Your Thoughts And Ideas


Like other desks, the Analog Memory Desk has legs that prop the table up and a spacious tabletop for holding all your gear. Unlike them, it has a giant spool of butcher paper that runs across the length of the desk, so you can scribble whatever you want on a never-ending notepad.

Designed by Kirsten Camara, the desk gives users an easily-accessible facility to write down their thoughts, perform rough sketches, and doodle randomly while waiting for a creative spark.   That way, you don’t need to bother looking for a notepad every time you find the need for one, as the pad is integrated directly onto the table’s design.


The Analog Memory Desk uses X-shaped legs on every corner, each pair of which holds a spool where the 20-inch roll of paper is held. The 1,100-yard length of paper can be moved using either spool, so you can clear everything by going to a completely blank length or return to a previous brainstorming session for review. Of course, you’ll have to remove everything on the desk when moving the paper, unless you want your laptop, tablet, and everything else you have on it to slide off the edge and fall straight to the ground. Still, it’s a novel idea and one that can prove really useful for a dedicated writing desk (as opposed to a home office workstation or something with a semi-permanent setup on it). It stands a little over two feet in height, with the tabletop measuring 5 x 2 feet (w x d).


Check out more about the Analog Memory Desk from Camara’s website.