Bring A Full Moon Inside Every Night Of The Week With The Broadway Pendant Light


How about watching a full moon inside your house every night of the week? That’s exactly how you can spend the night if you hang The Broadway, a perfectly-round pendant lamp somewhere in the abode.

Made by Luke Lamp Co, it’s a bit of departure from the outfit, who have previously stuck to using bare bulbs in their lighting pieces. For this one, however, they outfit the lighting hardware with a beautiful glass shade that’s clad in a perfect sphere. That way, you can howl at the full moon all you want without ever stepping out. Well, a lighting fixture that looks like a full moon anyway.


The Broadway uses a glass globe measuring 12 inches in diameter, so it’s quite the massive sight guaranteed to steal attention anywhere it hangs. Like the outfit’s other pendant lamps, it can be suspended from the ceiling by the integrated rustic Manila rope, which also happens to hide the 15-foot power cord, which is only visible towards the end. Everything is customizable, though, so you can ask for longer cords, shorter ropes, or alternative wiring options. You can even ask for a switch to be installed along the length of the rope.


Available directly from Luke Lamp Co, The Broadway is priced at $295.